Michelle Warnky competed on the show American Ninja Warrior season 5 this past year in Baltimore. She was also taken as one of ten female wildcards from across the country to compete in Vegas. It was an amazing experience and she hopes to qualify and do even better this year! :)

Sample video of some of the obstacles:

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Michelle Warnky is a 29 year old personal trainer who works independently, but does most of her training at the climbing gym, Vertical Adventures. Mid-summer 2012 Michelle heard about the TV show American Ninja Warrior and instantly fell in love with it. After road-tripping to Chris Wilczewski's gym in New Jersey (The Movement Lab) in November 2012 and getting the salmon ladder on her first try and the warped wall after two hours, she decided to go full speed ahead with it. She visited two other places with obstacles (Shaun Summer's home course of Arkansasuke-AR and Tony and Edwin's Alternate Routes-MD), and continued to do well on the obstacles.

In February 2013, after showing Vertical Adventure's owner, Alexis Roccos, videos from her road-trips, Alexis gave Michelle permission to start building obstacles at the climbing gym! All of February she worked on building obstacles with a lot of help from Dylan Lorenz and Alexis, with others who stepped in to help when needed as well. Soon she hosted the first Ninja Warrior event in Columbus, Ohio and everyone really enjoyed it. There has since been a Ninja Warrior event every month, allowing people of all ages to come out and try the obstacles and challenge themselves in a competition. Michelle and those interested are constantly working to create new obstacles and switch things around.

Michelle desires to create an atmosphere of challenging training, fun, and encouragement. There have been countless volunteers who have helped set-up and tear-down obstacles, as well as giving a hand in so many other ways. When she first went to Chris' gym, she was excited to see the community of 'ninjas' who train there and push each other. Michelle sent up what she thought was a crazy prayer at the time, to be able to do the same in Columbus. That prayer has since become a reality, and it'd been wonderful to see so many people excited about the events and growing closer as a community!

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